Let's do a little reading....

...and go back in time. To a time when things were simpler, shall we?!
This month, Kimmie asked me to do a little bit of character drawing. Classic literature character drawing, that is. I am SO in love with these little sweeties and you will be too.
This month my Kraftin' Kimmie Release is appropriately titled, Book Pals. Just check 'em out!
You've got Pippi, Huck Finn and Laura Ingalls style characters to play with. What fun you are going to have!!!

The sentiments are perfect too. My favorite is "I reckon yer a good fried." I say reckon all the time and people look at me like I'm nuts. Perhaps after you all use this sentiment and share on your cards, I won't get the 'stink eye'. LOL

And if you want even more 'eye candy', then just check out these beautiful cards. Holy cow....aren't they just gorgeous!!! Love 'em all!

I want ALL of these cards! Simply, over the top gorgeous. Kinda makes you want to color, doesn't it! I know it does me! So, check out the instructions below. Hop along. And join in the fun! Oh....and don't forget to order your set. You know you can't pass them up! (wink)


  1. They're all great, but I still love the Laura Ingles with the clouds and paper piecing best!!

  2. So so cute! Those images are just darling and you did a great job with them ♥

  3. Gorgeous cards!! Another great stamp set! My favorite is Pippi!!

  4. Cheryl, this is another adorable set! You really have a way of bringing this kid alive. For some reason, that chicken just catches my eye; it might be because we have had chickens and they are just so funny to watch.

  5. The cards are darling. Little country kids are something that's not been on the market but has been needed. Glad that need has been filled.
    thanks for sharing some cute cards.

  6. Your Pippi card is amazing! Love that stamp <3


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