Thursday, October 27, 2011

Show me #48

Well, we are into the last few days of October.  My, oh, my where in the world did the month go.  Football is now in full swing and the World Series is almost over.  WOW!  I stopped up at Home Depot the other day and the Christmas Decorations are now all over the place.  Good grief!  Before you know it, it will be 2012!  Are you ready. . . .because it's coming!

Well, let's get to the winner of last weeks SHOW ME THURSDAY fun!  Thanks to everyone who played along!  It was certainly a blast.  Can't wait to see what you're doing this week.
There were thirteen fabulous entries, and the TRNG chose lucky #9 as the winner.
Wendy Bickford. . . .congratulations!  Just drop me an email and I'll get your FREE image to you.

So here is a little something that I've been working on.  It's my newest little character Noah and his bear Patches.  Like him?  He's still being 'tweaked', but look for him in the shops soon.

So, what do you have going on this week.  Come play along.  We love being nosey!  You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, November 2nd to get your blog or photo posted to be entered to win the FREE image giveaway.  It's TONS of fun. . . . so jump right in.  See you soon and have a great Thursday.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Show me #47

Well, October is almost over.  Can you believe it?!  Where in the world did the time go?  I know I keep saying this, but Lord have mercy, it just seems to go by quicker as I get older!  Oh well, I guess that's just part of life!
I hope that you all are having a great week.  The temps have been nice here, but the leaves aren't changing much.  I wish they would. . . .except for the raking.  It's such a gorgeous site!
Did you all have fun last week posting and submitting a name for the newest little Sassy girl?  I know I did.  Thanks to everyone who played along in one or both of the challenges.
Remember, there are two winners for a FREE image this week. So, let's get started!

The winner in the random give away for the Show Me #46 fun is. . .  lucky #10. 
 Ann. . ..that's you girl.  I'll get that $3 credit to your account this morning.  Thanks for playing along!  Is your studio still that tidy?  hee hee.

And NOW for the winner of the NAME GAME. . . . .
THANK YOU to everyone who played along.  I can't tell you how much fun it was. I was overwhelmed by your sweet comments about the new little girl and loved the fun and creative name choices.  Zach had a very difficult time choosing a name.  So he narrowed it down to two and then I had the design team vote on the winner.  
So I'd officially like to introduce you to Polly!  Pretty Polly!
Doesn't the name just suit here perfectly.

There were several people who suggested Polly, but the 1st person was Theresa.  Congratulations, Theresa.  You picked just the right Southern name for her!  Thanks for playing along.  Just drop me an email to make sure that I have the correct email address and I'll get the $3 credit to your account for the FREE image.
The image is now officially available in the store.  Hope you'll love her as much as Sally.

Here is a little something that I began working on, on Tuesday.  She's almost done and you may just see her in the store later today. . . . if you're good.  hee hee
I figured that since she was going to have a name, I might as well start working on some more drawings of her.  This one was by request.  Whatcha think?
So, what are you working on this week?  I know it's something fun! But even if you don't think it is. . . .we want to be nosey, so come an play along.  You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, October 26th, to enter your blog or photo to be entered in the drawing for a FREE image from the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop.  
Can't wait to see. . . . .!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Show me #46. . .

. . . and let's play a game, too!
But first, let's get to the winner of last weeks Show Me Thursday fun, shall we.
Thanks to all you lovely ladies who played along with the rest of us noseys.  I had such fun popping into your world, even if it was through pictures.
The lucky winner of the FREE image in the Random drawing was. . ..  .
Lucky #1.  Karen.  
That's you!  I'll get your image credited to your account this morning.  Have fun shopping.

Well, as most of you know, I introduced a new character named Sally last week.  She's a sweet little redhead and I've been having such fun bringing her to life.  She's a happy go lucky little thing and loves being the center of attention.  She's just loving life and well, why not.  Life is fun!  Right!
Well, now. . . .Here is where you come in.  I have another new little girl, but unfortunately, I'm at a loss as to what to name her, so I'm hoping that you'll help me out.
So, I'd like for you to meet her.  She's a fun little gal too, and I haven't quiet decided what color hair she is going to have, but for now, she has a kind of 'brown' hair.  Do you like her?  Well, then help her out.   Poor little thing, she's just waiting for you to give her some personality with the extra special name.
So here is how the Show Me Thursday and the name game will work this week.  There will be two winners this week for a FREE image.  One for the regular SMThursday random drawing and a winner for the name game.  Zach hasn't had to do any 'judging' for a while, so I'm going to let him choose the winner for the best name, just like he used to in the Color Me challenge.  In the event that the winning name is listed more than once, the first person who suggested the name will be listed as the winner.

Here's what you'll need to do to be entered to win one or both.  
1.  Leave a comment naming this little cutie.  Remember this name is going to stick with her, so give her a good one.  :)  You MAY enter more than one comment and more than one name.  The more the merrier.
2.  Enter your SMThursday image or blog using Inlinkz 

As always you'll have until Wednesday, October 19th @ 5 PM EST to be entered for the chance to win a FREE image.  
So, come play along, it's going to be such FUN and I can't wait to see what kind of names you all come up with.  You ladies are SO creative and fun, that's why I'm giving you this extra challenge.  Hope you don't mind.
So, put on those thinking caps.  She's waiting!!!!
**Remember, you don't have to play along in the Show Me challenge to play in the Name Game. **

Thursday, October 6, 2011

SHOW Me #45

Well, it's the first full week of October and I'm feeling fall just around the corner.  How about you?  It's it beginning to cool off where you are?  I'm just loving it.  Next thing you know, the leaves will be changing into those GORGEOUS colors!!!  I just can't wait!
So, how is your week so far?  Mine is great.  Been inspired lately as I'm sure you've noticed, so I'm just going with the flow.  Never know when I might hit a slump!  Hope you all are enjoying the images as much as I am drawing them!

Thanks to everyone who played along this week.  Lots of fun, wasn't it!  So now, let's get to the winner for last weeks Show Me #44.  The lucky winner of the FREE image is lucky #2.
Anne. . . .that's you!  Just drop me an email to make sure I have the correct email and I'll get the FREE image credit applied to your account.
Anne showed us this lovely post of her Owl card.  Love it Anne.  Thanks for sharing it with us!

And here is a little something that I'm working on. I have another. . . .kind of like a series/character, but I'm not showing you that one.  It's a surprise for someone. But here is the other one that I'm working on.
Hope you like her.  She's in the final 'rough' stage before I outline her.  Can't wait to get her finished and colored.
Well, that's what I have going on for this week.  Now . . . .what about you?
Come play along.  All you need to do is link your photo or blog to be entered for a chance to win a FREE image from the Sassy Cheryl's Digis Shop.  SO, how about it.  Want to join in the fun?  You know you do.  You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, October 12th to get that photo in.  So come on now.   We want to be nosey!  And you know you do too!  So why not join in!

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