Happy October!  Lordie, Lordie, before you know it, we will be wrapping Christmas gifts.  Where in the world did 2013 go?  WOW! I hope that you are having a great week and you are ready for the weekend.  I know I am!!!

Just a quick insert here to let you know that the SMT this time will be running through the 30th of October.  I will be out of town on a couple of mini vacations and I really won't have the time, or the resources to do the posting, so you'll have almost an entire month to enter.  And, if you so choose, you may enter 4 times.  One for each week.  How's that for keeping you busy!?!?!?!?!?

Well, enough about that.  Let's get to the fun stuff.
The winners of a free image from the Sassy Cheryl's Stamps shop are. . . .


Congrats ladies!!!!  Just drop me an email and I'll get your FREE image right to you!

So, those who have been with me for a LONG time, know that I do love me some snowmen.  And I've had many, many requests lately to get on the move and give you some new ones.  Well, here are just two of four sketches that I have in the works for some brand new 'chilly' friends.  They should both be available in the Sassy Cheryl's Shop sometime over the weekend.  So be on the look out.

So. . .what are you up to?  I can't wait to see what you're going to share with us. And since I am going to be going on a couple of 'mini' vacations this month, I am running the SMT fun for an ENTIRE MONTH, so you may enter up to 4 times.  There will be 4 winners announced, the next time I post, so get busy.  No excuses.  You have almost an entire month.
You'll have until 9 PM EST, Wednesday, October 30th to get those entries in.  Cannot wait to see.

So. . .until next time. . .. .


  1. Snowmen! WaHooooooooo!!! happy dance here miss Cheryl :)

  2. so sweet, thanks for that wonderfull news, i send you a mail, biz

  3. Ha - made my Friday - thanks hun..emailing you xxxx

  4. Hello!

    I am so happy to know that new snowmen images are on the way - I LOVE your snowmen! I hope that that you have some fun and relaxation on your vacations!


    Barbara Diane

  5. Congrats to the winners!
    Hope you have a fun break, Cheryl! We'll look for lots of fun sketches in November.

  6. hello Cheryll, i send you a mail at but no answer, did you received it, thanks so much

    1. Hey girlie,
      Not sure if I got it, or if I did, if I answered it. :( If you didn't receive a reply, just drop me another email. HUGS!


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