Show Me #119

Yep. . .that's right.  It's Thursday, folks. And so, you know what that means. It's time for another TWO weeks of SMT fun!  I hope that you all are having a fantastic week.  The weeks lately, have just seemed to FLY by!  But I have to say, I'm really glad that I'm doing the SMT fun on a two week stretch for a while.  Things are just super busy.  It's hard to believe that in just a little over two weeks my niece will be getting married.  I haven't even picked out a gift OR a dress for the wedding, so that will be on my agenda soon.  Wish me luck!

Thanks to everyone that played along in the SMT fun.  All of the cards, fun. . .and photos were fabulous.  And don't forget, since it's for two weeks now, I will be giving away two images to two winners. Just to keep it fair.  So. . .who were the two winners?  That was. . .
Congratulations ladies.  Just drop me an email and I'll get your free image sent out to you.  Hope you'll have time to play along again. . . .it's fun, isn't it!

Well, as most of you know, my first shipment of rubber stamps came in last week. I was SO EXCITED to receive the long awaited package.  I need to take some more photos, to give you a better idea of how great they are.  Like I said, I don't stamp, but I'm really loving these.  More to come.
I've been REALLY bad about not getting much sketching done.  Just a lot going on and by the time I sit down at night, I'm just too tired to even think about drawing.  I did however do a little coloring this week.  It's felt like a chore lately, when I've HAD to do it, so I figured I'd just do a little FUN coloring. I pulled up some of my favorites and did just that. . .printed and colored.  And I have to admit. . . it was FUN!

And here is a little something that I'm working on. . . MAX.  You may remember him from my Bug's Life post over at Illustrated by Cheryl, which has been sadly neglected.  Being uninspired, really does me no good, when I'm trying to sketch.  Maybe I just need a little more FUN coloring time.  I'm not sure if Max is going to stay like this or not.  I like the original sketch better, but I went in another direction and I'm just not sure if he's going to be a keeper. I mean, he's cute and all. . .I'm just not sure. What do you think?

Well, now it's your turn.  Get busy.  I mean, really. . .you have two weeks, after all.  And yes. . .you may enter twice.  Once for each week.
You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, May 1, to get your photos and/or blog posted to be entered in the drawing for one of the FREE images from the Sassy Cheryl's Stamps shop. . .
So. . .run, don't walk.  Get busy and let's have some fun!


  1. Cheryl, you should prepare for the wedding and I prepared a card for a baby. .o))
    Huggles, Jasmina

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    I love Max - that hat is priceless!
    I can imagine him getting into a lot of trouble,
    but he is so sweet and innocent looking - who
    could get mad at him? LOL LOL
    Big Hugs, Candy

  3. Congrats to Pillan and Kathi! Pillan is on a roll lately!! Happy shopping ladies.

    Max's little jar of bugs is cute, Cheryl. Looks like the perfect summer activity for a boy!

  4. It's hard when crafting feels like a chore - after all it's absolutely NOT the idea with a hobby. Hope you feel "reinspired" soon, btw I like this version of Max :-) Donna xx


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