Show Me #115

Hip, hip hooray!  It's Thursday!  Hope you're having a fabulous week and that you are ready for the weekend, because it's coming.  For sure!
I have been busy, busy, busy this week as my son moved in with me last Wednesday.  Needless to say, it has been an adjustment trying to get things organized, cleaned, and all into place, plus a little extra shopping and then unexpected things that came up, so I hate to say it, but when you scroll down, it's another 'non-sketching' Show Me Thursday post.  I think that we are almost there, so hopefully after the weekend, I will be ready to go full steam on my actual work.
Oh well. . .that's life, right.  Make the adjustment and move on.

So, who was the lucky winner of the FREE image from the Sassy Cheryl's Stamps shop this past week?  Welp, that was
Mz. Shirley!
Did you all see the hat a mittens that she made?  Super cute and fun and she even gives you the pattern.  You might want to check that out, if you missed it.  Just drop me an email and I'll get whatever image you want right to you.

So, what have I been doing?  Well, since Zach brought his dog and cat along with him, the fur babies are all getting to know one another.  They have their moments, but they all get along great!  Here is a quick pic of Bella with Oakley.  Most of the time, they are best buds.  Of course, Bella rules the roost, at least for now and with her being the oldest, she quickly puts him in his place if she doesn't like what he is doing. She's like her momma.  She don't put up with foolishness.  :)

Then. . . .we had to end up taking Oakley to the vet.  Nothing serious, but Zach wanted to take care of his baby, so I went along. Our side of town didn't have much snow, but once we got just 15 minutes on to the other side of town where the vet is, this is what was there.  It was an interesting drive.  Going back, wasn't near as bad as going to. It all turned out great and Zach has a new, wonderful vet for his babies too, so he is happy. . . .and that makes me happy! :)

So, grab those cameras and get those fingers typing.  We all want to see what you are doing this week.
You'll have until, Wednesday, March 13th, to get your image or blog linked up to be entered in the random drawing for the FREE image.  We can't wait to see!


  1. WooHoo I won, I won! How happy am I? I'll be sure to let you know what image I want. Thank you!!!!

    Glad that snow was on the other side of town from you, and even happier it wasn't here.

  2. Hello!

    Here is the card WITH the flowers. :<) I love your photos - wishing you a happy weekend with your son!


    Barbara Diane

  3. Oh my 4 fur babies and you and Zach. Lots of love going on in your house for sure. Just think of the stories they will create for you to draw. I am looking forward to future posts. You will have a lot of inspiration coming out of your own home. Hugs

  4. Congrats Shirley!

    Looks like the pups are getting along fine. You have very busy household! I hope your snow has melted and you are back to a warmer winter.


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