Well, graduation is finally over and I have to tell you. . . .I'm really glad that it is.  Now it's on to the next phase.  Getting him to move out.  No. . . .I'm just kidding.  Love the kid.  He can stay as long as he likes, until I do decide to kick him out.  I had planned on showing you a couple of photos from the graduation but I still haven't finished downloading them, so you'll just have to wait a while longer.  :)

Hope you all had fun with the extended two weeks for the SMT fun.  Thanks to everyone who shared their photos and joined in the fun.  Since the post was for two weeks, as promised, there are two winners.  Those two lucky people are. . . .

With her oh, so appropriate entry. . . .at least for me, with her gorgeous graduation cards.
With her gorgeous photo of the scenery from their camping spot.  Love it.

Thanks for playing ladies.  I'll get each of your FREE images credited to your account this morning.  Can't wait to see what you share this week!

If you didn't get a chance to check those out. . . .you definitely need to!

And here is another little something that I have been working on since Tuesday.  She's not quite there yet, but she's getting there.  Whatcha think?

So, come play along.  What are you working on this week?  We'd LOVE to see.  Get busy and snap those photos and share.  
You'll have 5 PM EST, June 27th to get your photo or blog linked up to be entered in the FREE image giveaway.  See you there!


  1. Loving the new image and my son graduated 8 years ago and has left more than once 1st time was hard but he is back with me and think he had a boomerang in his pants. tee Hee but wouldnt have it any other way

  2. Woo-Hoo! Perfect start to my day, Cheryl. I can't wait to go shopping. Lovin' this sweet Sally image.

  3. Oh My Gosh! what fun Cheryl. More shopping in my future.. thank you SO MUCH!
    I am lovin Sassy Sally and the little birdie! anxiously waiting for her release! Love how her hair is flowing up a bit--so cute!
    hugs to ya!

  4. What a great challenge! I recently discovered Sassy Cheryl images and love your images.

  5. Hello!

    I love this new image - she is so sweet with the little bird! Looking forward to seeing graduation photos! Wishing you a good weekend!


    Barbara Diane

  6. Congratulations Judy and Cynthia. I loved both of your posts. Cheryl, loving the look of the new image.


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