Show Me #76

Well, May is quickly winding down and it's feeling more like summer every day.  The humidity is terrible here in Virginia and even though I HATE winter, I could do with a little more of spring instead of rushing right into summer.  How about you?

Thanks to everyone who played along in last weeks Show Me Thursday fun.  Always enjoy peeking into your world and seeing what you're doing.
Last weeks lucky winner with her wonderful mailbox project was:
Congratulations girlie.  I'll get that free image credited to your account this morning.  I just LOVE this project!  And I know they did too!  If you all didn't get a chance to see it, make sure to pop over and take a look see.
Hope you'll play along again this week.

And here is a little something that I've been throwing around.  Charlie is one of my new characters and we all know that she's a tomboy.  She was originally suppose to be playing  baseball but the more I added to the drawing she showed more of a dancing mood, so I'm not quite sure where I'm going with her.  Any thoughts? Hmmmmm.  Just can't figure it out.

So, what are you working on this week.  Crafts?  Spring cleaning?  Organizing?  Baking?  Watching the grandchildren?  (There's a story behind that one).  Gardening?
Well, we don't care, we just want to see.  So drag out those cameras and get posting.  You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, May 23rd to get that photo and/or blog linked to be entered to win the Free image.  So get busy.  
See you here.


  1. Hi Sassy oh charlie looks adorable love it and cant wait to see more. Enjoy your day. xx

  2. Rofl - I'm seeing a ball and a broken window Cheryl!! hehehe..
    Love it!xx

  3. hello Sassy, je découvre ton blog et je le trouve plein de charme, je ne sais pas si j'ai bien compris le principe mais je trouve l'idée trop bien, je te soumets ma dernière bricole, mon truc a moi c'est la carterie, j'espere que ce que je fais te plaira, a bientôt, biz

  4. I'm loving the idea of a tomboy dancing. Nothing that says tomboys can't like dancing, after all some guys do.

    WOOHOO Anna, on the win.

  5. for more sassies...FUN!! Thanks Cheryl

  6. First time I see the sassy digi's en i like them al byby tanja uit holand

  7. I took that deep breath and did the post Cheryl! :0)
    Hope I did the Sassy Girls proud honey.xx

  8. Hello Cheryl!

    Wishing you a wonderful Monday!


    Barbara Diane

  9. Congrats on the win, Anna! Wow, I can't believe how early I am posting this week!! LOL~


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