Show Me #74

It's already the first full week of May and it is already feeling like summer here in Virginia.    As I sit here typing, I'm watching Remember the Titans. . . .what A FAB movie!  Probably one of the best ALL time sports movies, other than The Hoosiers!  I'm a sucker for a good sports movie and even though you wouldn't really call it a 'sports' movie, one of my new favorites is The Blind Side.  Just LOVE Sandra Bullock!  Something about her that I just really like.  Probably b/c she does't take no 'crap' off anyone both in her movies and in life.
Anyway. . . .that's my little 'spiel' . . . . .so let's get to the good stuff.

The winner for the SMThursday #73 fun was. . . .

Keti's Projects. . . .

With her wonderful 'multi' photo and very fun post.  I chose my favorite photo even though I loved them all!
Congratulations Keti. . . .just drop me an email and I'll get that FREE image credited to your account.

Now, here is a little something that I'm working on for you ladies.  With all of the yard work that I did yesterday, I thought this was totally appropriate.  Of course, she is NO WHERE near finished.  I have to give her that little personal touch. . . .but look for her in the Sassy Cheryl's Shop soon.  Right now, she is the Queen of Dirt and there is actually a little story behind it, but I'll share that later once she is finished.
So, what are you doing this week?  Anything fun . . . .crafty . . . . .productive?  It doesn't matter WHAT it is. . . .we just want to see.  So, get busy!  You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, May 9th to get your post or image linked to be entered for the FREE image drawing.  We LOVE being nosey.  Every last one of us. . . .so why not share.  You know you want to.  Until then!  Y'all be good!


  1. Wooouuuu. I'm so excited. Thanks for picking me up.

    I'm writing you e-mail as I speak (t.i. ASAP).

    Happy Crafting to everyone. You have shared some wonderful projects at Sassy Cheryl's.

  2. Love her Cheryl! She is right up my alley. Can't wait to get my Copics on her. ~jeni :)


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