SHow Me #67

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome to another SHOW ME THURSDAY post.  It's been beautiful here in Virginia and even though I'm LOVIN' the temps, it's more like early summer instead of spring.  But that's ok. I'll take it ANY DAY over freezing temperatures.
Got started on my spring cleaning  yesterday a little and then interruptions kept me from getting my actual 'business' work done, which kind of put me in a bad mood.  I DO NOT like interruptions but I guess that's just life.  Right?

Thanks to everyone who played along in the SMThursday #66.  We had 13 wonderful entries.  Everything from spring cleaning, baking, packing and craft projects. They were ALL wonderful and enjoyed looking at and reading each post. Thanks girls.
Last weeks lucky winner of the FREE image giveaway was lucky #1!
Kitty. . . .that's you!  Congratulations.
Did you get to see her wonderful flower pin that she made for her mom?  If you didn't. . . .pop on over and check it out. It's darling!
Kitty, just drop me an email and I'll get that FREE image credited to your account.  Thanks for playing along.

Now, as many of you know, I've had a little trouble lately finishing the images that I've started.  Well, this is another one that is in the 'rough' stage.  Someone mentioned that Noah Playing Pirate in the Bath should also be done in a 'Pippi Longstocking' feel as any little tomboy would love playing pirate in the bath, so this is Polly doing just that.  Thanks Anna for another great idea.  I SWEAR I'm trying to get this image done.  Just need to get my but in gear.  She'll be available soon.  Hopefully.  :)

So, that's what I have for 'show-n-tell'!  What are you going to share with us?  We'd love to see.  Just link up your photo or image by 5 PM EST, Wednesday, March 21, to be entered in the FREE IMAGE drawing giveaway.  Yep, it really is that simple.  Hope you'll join in the fun.  


  1. I really love your work and the kids are so cute, I just can't colour those skinny legs and arms........can you design a line of kids or adults with some substance,,,,,,junk in their truck,,,,,arms and legs that you can colour??????
    that would be so awesome

  2. I'm so happy that I made both the SMT and the challenge hun (with the move looming I wasn't sure I would... cheated and combined both.)xx

  3. Oh Anna has had another wonderful idea, and you've carried it out to perfection. Now to get the finished image. I can't wait.

  4. OMG just noticed that I'm the winner. Gonna drop you an email.

  5. OMG just noticed that I'm the winner. Gonna drop you an email.


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