Show Me #65

Yep, it's that time again. . . .it's Thursday!  And time for some more SHOW ME FUN!  Are you ready?  And just think. . . .only one day until the weekend.  Are you ready for that too? I know I am!
How was your Leap Day?  Hope you grabbed something fun at the sale yesterday.  If you did. . . .I can't wait to see.  I actually forgot that it was leap day until Tuesday evening.  I guess no one just made a big deal about it that I just didn't pay attention.

Now on to the fun.
Thanks to everyone who played along last week.  I really enjoyed all the posts. Such creative and fun photos, posts and ideas.  Loved them all.  Thanks for sharing each week.
Now, let's get to the winner.  Out of the 12 entries that we had, Lucky #9 was the winner for the SMT #64.
Carolyn. . .That's you!
Thanks for sharing your amazing card.  It's just fabulous.
Just drop me an email and I'll get your FREE IMAGE credited to your account.

Now, I guess I should show you what I have going on.  It's only fair, right?!
This week I have a couple of things to share with you.  First up is the sketch that I'm working on for Saint Patrick's Day.  It's Sassy Sally. . . .and she's feeling kind of lucky.  She couldn't help but have good luck with that sweet smile and the clover!  I know, I know. . . .she isn't holding a 4-leaf clover.  Didn't realize it until I was working on her this afternoon.  Definitely will have to change that.  Do you like her?  Check out those knobby little elbows!  She'll be in the store before next week along with a couple of other images, so look for them soon.

Secondly, I'd like to introduce you to my new baby, Bella!
She's a little chocolate/liver colored miniature Schnauzer.
My neighbor Blythe had a friend that had gotten her and she was too 'much' for their other little dog and was looking for a good home for her.  She looks bigger in the photo then she actually is.  She's just a little thing.  Not iddy-biddy, but still small.
The previous owner, Jan dropped her off on Sunday afternoon around 1 PM to see if she would be a good fit for us and needless to say, Bella never left.  We had to change her name, as I didn't think it suited her.  And please. . . .don't write asking me if I named her after the girl from the Twilight series.  I don't mind watching the movies, but that girl seriously gets on my nerves.  Too needy and dramatic!  :)  I'm sure I insulted someone with that comment, but sorry, that's just how I feel.  LOL

So that's it. . . .are you going to play along with us this week?  I certainly hope so.  I'd love to see what you're working on.  Remember, it doesn't have to be craft related, it can be whatever you happen to be doing.  You'll have until 5 PM EST, next Wednesday, March 7th to enter your photo or blog to be entered in the FREE image drawing.  So come play along. The more the merrier.


  1. OH! how to cute is Sally with her shamrock. Love her Cheryl!
    and your little puppy is just precious!
    hugs to ya

  2. Love The New Image I May Have To Buy Her.. And Love Little Bella She's A Gorgeous Puppy She's Adorable Cheryl..

  3. I really love your work, but have a request for some of us with not such good eyesite anymore.
    Can we have some "girls with substance" some "junk in their trunk" some girls with "meat" on their bones.

    I love these stamps and love to colour, I just can do those skinny little arms and legs...........

  4. She's gorgeous hun and I'm not surprised she stayed. Smiles.
    Loving all of your new images girl - having to sit on my hands so that I don't buy them all in one hit. Lol.xx

  5. Cheryl I Love The Sally With Shamrock Can't Wait To Buy That One .. She Is Cute Love It

  6. Oh your work in progress has me feeling very "lucky"! I've been looking for a Pat's Day image - and I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Can't wait for it to hit the store, My Friend. wendy xx

  7. Congrats to Carolyn!
    Also, congrats on the new family member, Cheryl. I'm sure she will be a sweet addition.

  8. Where have I been all week, that I haven't seen this post with the new wonderful image and pics of Bella?

  9. Loving your new image! And guess what.....we have a baby Bella too! She was given to us at 10 weeks old because she needed lots of attention. We've had her 2 years and she is the love of our lives! She's a black toy poodle! 7 lbs. of LOVE!!!! :) Enjoy your new baby..she's adorable!!!

  10. Ohhhhh, I love Bella, she is totally adorable!!! BIG congrats Cheryl on your new addition!


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