Show Me #62

What a week. I am on time though.  Last week I lost a day and I'm not sure where it went.  Did anyone find it?  If you did. . . .please return to me as I have SO much yet to do the rest of the week and I sure could use another day. So if you do find it, just let me know and I'll forward you my address.  :)
Yes, I am being a little silly.  No wine.  I promise.  But since I am typing this post on Wednesday night, I have to tell you that I have been up since around 4AM and I'm am REALLY, REALLY, tired and when I get tired, I do one of two things, get really silly or cranky.  I actually was cranky earlier, so I guess now it's time to be silly.

Phew. . . . .now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to all the lovely ladies that played along in the SMThursday fun this past week.  Great cards, fabulous creations and some fun antics. I loved each and every one of them.
And now for the winner!  This weeks lucky winner is #8.
RETRO DOLLY that's you! 

 I have to tell you.  I just LOVED your art journal page.  Girl, you are TALENTED!
Just drop me an email and I'll get your free image credited to your account.

And here is a little Sassy Sally image that I'm working on for ya.  I've had SOOOOO many requests for more of her that I've been trying to get them done for you.  I have three in the works right now, but this is my favorite so far.  She's actually almost done.  Just having a little bit of a hard time trying to get her colored.  She should be ready soon though.  I'll be sure to post when she is.

So what do you have going on this week?  I know where Shirley is, she's skiing, but what are the rest of you doing?  I'd love to see.  So come on.  Join in the fun and share with us nosey ladies.  We LOVE IT!
See you then!


  1. Cheryl, love this new image. I have no idea where your day went, but I may have gotten it. I think I've been skiing FOREVER!

  2. She's adorable Cheryl I just had to get her and am having fun coloring her up. I gotta tell you though.....I liked the little hill she was sitting on hehehe. Can't wait to see the others. HUGS

  3. Looks like my Toots sitting outside...Thank-you for the up lifting thoughts It has not been easy within me but I stay strong knowing I am not alone. Still cant sit upright to a length of time...I need to figure out something to get to coloring...hugs, Tootsie

  4. This little Sassy Sally image is adorable, Cheryl. I missed playing last week and have been busy on a project this week! Posted what's been created today.


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