Show Me #44

Can you believe that we are in to the last week of September?  Gosh, where did the year go.  WOW!  I just can't believe that in a little less than 3 months it will be Christmas.  Good grief.  Who said as you get older time just starts to fly by.  Seriously. . . .who made up that rule.  I'd like to have a little chat with them.
So, did you all have a good time being nosey last week?  I know I did, but then again, I always do!  You guys have some of the best posts and such amazing photos.  I always enjoy reading them and looking at the photos.  Such fun!  Thanks to everyone who played along.  Hope you'll join in again this week.

Last weeks winner for the SMT #44 fun was lucky #3 and that was Christy
She had such a great SM post about using glow sticks in the bath tub!  Wish I had thought of that when Zach was little.  It looked like such fun!
Christy, I will get that credit to your account this morning, if you'll just send me a quick note.  Hope you'll have fun shopping! 

And, for my SHOW ME THURSDAY, here is a little lady that I was working on last month and forgot about.  See, I told you.  I have so many images saved on my computer, I just move on to something else if I get bored with it, and sometimes I just forget about them.  This is the little Bow Legged Cutie.  She should be in the store soon.  Perhaps even today. . . .you just never know with me!
Come join in the fun this week.  You know you want to be nosey with the rest of us.  Just admit it and come and play along.  Just link your blog post or photo to be entered into the drawing for the FREE image giveaway!  We'd love to have you.  
See you then.


  1. Thanks to everyone who played along this week! Good luck in the drawing.


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