SHOW Me #40

So, how has your week been?  Mine.  Well last week we had a fun on here in Virginia!  Earthquake and a hurricane.  I didn't think I had been that bad!  :)  Seriously though, it has been an interesting week and not a very enjoyable one to say the least.  But we all made it through safely and actually had a good time.  Cleaning up the trees in our neighbors yards, going on the hunt for coffee and ice and having a MASSIVE cook-out to get rid of food that would've spoiled or been thrown out.  So, it all turned out ok.

Enough of that.  Let's get to the winner of last weeks random drawing for the SHOW ME #39 fun!
That lucky winner is:
Jolanda Spijk!
Congratulations!  Just drop me an email, and I'll get that credit to you for the FREE image!
My SHOW ME is a little different this week.  I decided to show you a few pictures of my neighborhood during and after the hurricane on Saturday.
The first picture is from the top of the hill looking down to the end of the street.  See that brick house down there at the bottom.  That's where your little old sassy Cheryl lives.  :)  Blythe took this picture after our neighbors trees feel.

This 2nd picture is the view from Bob's house.  Poor little trees!

And this 3rd picture is of Cocoa and Nala, Bob and Ann's two boxers looking out the window as we were cleaning up the trees Sunday morning.  Poor girls.  They really wanted to get outside and play.

So, that's what's going on with me.  What's up with you?
Drag out your camera and snap a photo.  We would all love to see.  You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, September 7th, to get your photo or blog link posted to be entered for the random drawing for the FREE image!  So, come on. . . . .come and play along! We LOVE being nosey!  Don't we girls.


  1. Love the Show Me of the neighborhood, not loving the damage though. I should have known that you would live in a brick house, with your father being a brick mason. When my niece lived in VA, she said brick houses were hard to come by. It's the norm for down here. Burford pears are the worst trees ever for stamina in a wind.

  2. Such a shame for those beautiful trees. The hills remind me of home. We live in the low country here. No hills, all flat. How long was your power out?

  3. shame about the trees - dogs made me laugh...will post a pic asap hun stupid O hour here in UK - cant sleep

  4. We have had our share of wind damage in the past...not fun...I think the boxers and the looks they are giving is art inspiration for you Cheryl!
    Living for the moment and getting ready for Fall, Winter and my art work in the studio.


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