Guessing Game #18

TGIF!  I mean REALLY!  Of course, I still have TONS to do with the two new sites, but if I want to take a break, at least I won't feel so bad since it's the weekend.  Isn't that what you're suppose to do on the weekends?  Relax!? Oh yeah, I forgot.  That's for people who aren't moms and run their own business.  Well, I guess that idea is out!
Have you had a good week?  I certainly hope so.

Thanks to everyone who played in the Guessing Game last week.  Do you have as much fun as I do?
There were 6 correct guesses last week with the TOP SELLING image being. . . 
#4  I Love You This Much (girl)

The TRG chose #3 as the winner and . . . . 
Sue. . . .That's you!
Just drop me an email and I'll get your FREE IMAGE right out to you.
**The winner was chosen in order of the guess.**
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For those of you new to the game, here are the simple rules.
1.  Leave a comment with your 'educated guess.'
2.  You may only enter ONCE.  All duplicate entries will be deleted.
3.  When guessing, please include both the number AND the name of the image in your comment.  That way there won't be any doubt or confusion as to which image you are choosing.
Example guess:  1. I Love You This Much.
4.  You'll have until 5 PM EST on Thursday, July 14th. to comment with your guess to be considered for the drawing for the FREE image.
5.  ALL correct guesses will be tallied and a winner will be chosen using the True Random Generator.  
6.  The winner will be announced the following Friday with 5 new choices for another try.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, here are your top 5 for the week of July 1st-July 7th.  
Some great choices this week.  Think HARD now before you guess!!!!!  I'm just saying.

Come play along.  You know you want to!  It's fun!  Really it is.
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  1. Congrats to Sue.
    My guess this week is...... nr.3 Special Stork Delivery (girl)
    This is so much fun to do.
    Hugs, Yvon

  2. Oh wow thank you Cheryl, luv her, ok this week i think number 2 a special gift (girl) have lovely weekend, sue,x

  3. Hi I guess No 3 Special Stock Delivery

  4. I'm guessing #1 I love you this much again. Thanks! Deonna

  5. I'm going with #1 I Love You This Much - again too! She's too cute to pass up! :)

  6. For this week , I'm geuessing Nr. 3 special Stock Delivery

  7. Congrats Sue!
    I'm sticking with #1 "I love you this much-girl".

  8. they are all too cute...I say #3 Special Stork Delivery (girl). Hugs

  9. I'm going back to last weeks winner - #1 I love you this much - girl.

  10. Congrats Sue.

    I'm choosing #2 - a special gift girl

  11. Congrats Sue! #1 A mothers day flower-girl
    Now on to a beautiful day with Little Toots!

  12. #5 fathers day snooze as it can be used for any occassion...probably wrong...fingers x'd

  13. #1 I Love You This Much, the new site is awesome!!!

  14. I'm choosing the second one "A special gift girl" but it is numbered 1?

  15. #4 Mothers day flower...Cheryl all the "NEW" is awesome...good job.

  16. #1 I Love You This Much-girl

  17. #3 Special Stork Delivery Girl
    'cause I have a feeling people are making a lot of baby cards...... :)


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