Guessing Game #9

So, are you having a good week?  I certainly hope so.  Are you enjoying nice weather and getting your spring cleaning done?  I'm just about finished, but lately haven't been in the mood to finish up the last 2 rooms, so I'll just wait.  Perhaps when hubby goes out of town next week on business.  Hmmm.  Now there's an idea.

Did you have fun trying to guess?
So, which one was the TOP seller for the week of April 15th-April 21st?
Last weeks winner of the TOP 5 was:
#5 Mother's Day Flower
Did you guess correctly?

There were 10 correct guesses last week and using the True Random Generator, #8 was chosen. 
**The winner was chosen in order of the guess.**

The winner for the random drawing is:  Lisa G..
Just drop me an email and I'll get your FREE image out to you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For those of you new to the game, here are the simple rules.
1.  Leave a comment with your 'educated guess.'
2.  You may only enter ONCE.  All duplicate entries will be deleted.
3.  When guessing, please include both the number AND the name of the image in your comment.  That way there won't be any doubt or confusion as to which image you are choosing.
Example guess:  1. Mother's Day Flower.
4.  You'll have until 5 PM EST on Thursday, May 12th. to comment with your guess to be considered for the drawing for the FREE image.
5.  ALL correct guesses will be tallied and a winner will be chosen using the True Random Generator.  
6.  The winner will be announced the following Friday with 5 new choices for another try.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now. . . . .
Let's get to the TOP 5 for this week's Guessing Game, shall we.

These were the TOP 5 sellers for the week of April 22nd-April 28th? Some of these are familiar as they have been in the TOP 5 set before.  But which one will it be?  I'm sure you have a guess, so why not play along!
Will Mother's Day Flower be on top again this week?  Well, you'll just have to wait and see.
So, which one do you think was on top this week?  Remember, you can only guess once. You'll have until 5 PM EST on May 12th. to post your guess.  Please include both the Number and Name in your guess.  It certainly does help when I'm counting the correct guesses.  :)


  1. My guess is Mothers day flower #1 for this week. I may have to have her myself.

  2. This is fun but o so difficult. My guess will be nr. 2 Frantic Graduate girl. I like her.
    Hugs, Yvon

  3. Oh yeah me!! I'll email you after work, and put in my guess for this week :) Thanks!

  4. Making a wild guess:
    #4 Bearing Flowers

  5. My guestimated guess is #4 bearing flowers..
    Big surprise Cheryl~I know:):)

  6. My guess is #5, Sneaky Bear Birthday Cupcake!

  7. Congrats Lisa!! I'm guessing "Bearing Flowers" this week Cheryl. I have been seeing him all over the place. ~jeni :)

  8. Well Done Lisa! :0)
    Okay as Sarah is leaving school within the week (how scary is that?!) and she is preparing for her exams after that - I'm going with no.2 Frantic Graduate Girl for this week's guess. :0)
    Hugs. Karen.xx

  9. I can't believe it, I actually guessed right last week! Too bad 9 others did too, LOL OK my big guess this week is:
    no.2 Frantic Graduate Girl
    thanks Tami

  10. Congratulations!! #2 Frantic Graduate Girl

  11. Well I just have to go with #1 Mother's Day flower.

  12. Hmmmmm my guess this week will be #4 Bearing Flowers. xx

  13. #3 juggling heart bear - I hope - love it anyway...

  14. I am going with Sneaky Bear B-Day Cupcake #5. But I don't have a great track record with this one so.................

  15. I think it's still #1 the Mother's Day Flower

  16. My guess is #2 Frantic Graduate Girl

  17. My guess is #2 Frantic Graduate Girl.

  18. My guess is No. 2, Frantic Graduation Girl. I'm going to be wrong again, and I wouldn't want to break my record.

  19. isn't that funny...I ran out of steam on the last two rooms on my spring cleaning schedule too. I'm going to go with #1 the Mother's Day Flower
    This is really hard Cheryl!

  20. My guess is #3 juggling heart bear


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