So, for those of you celebrating, did you have a nice Mother's Day?  I certainly did.  Hubby had to work, so Zach took me out to eat.  I had the Garden Salad Bar and three side vegetables.  Zach had the steak and Lobster Tail.  Anything wrong with this picture?  hee hee.  Actually, it was really funny, because hubby gave him the money to take me out so he figured that he'd get what he wanted.  If Zach would've been buying, I GUARANTEE you he wouldn't have gotten it.  I thought it was FUNNY!  Teach hubby a lesson.  
Later on, I took a 15 minute nap.  Would've been longer, but Zach interrupted me.  Had a nice chat with my mom too!  Love that woman to death!  Hope you all had a great day too!
So, that's enough about my day, let's get to this weeks COLOME challenge.

First, let's get to the winners.  First off, thanks to everyone who entered.  All of the cards were amazing.  Zach has gotten used to choosing the winners, but he still has a hard time.
The winner for the "Empty Honey Pot" image is: Cindy Tschider
The winner for the "Ladybug in Love" image is: Donna Vallee
Congratulations ladies.  Just drop me an email and I'll get you free images right out to you.
Now. . .
Here are the two images that you have to choose from for this weeks COLOME challenge.  I chose to do one 'person' image and then just a simple spring image.  Mix it up a little.  So which one will you choose to color and enter this week?  Or will you do both?  Remember, you don't have to enter the challenge to get the images at the discounted price.
Artificial Flower Girl

A Spring Hill with Ladybugs

So, get COLORING.  Remember, you only have to color one of the images, but if you choose to enter a card for each image. . . .that's even better!  You'll have until 5 PM EST, Monday, May 16th. to upload your card or blog using Mr. Linky to qualify for the FREE image.  There will be a winner for EACH image.  The winning cards will be the models for the colored images that I offer in the store.
And for those of you playing along for the first time, my 16 year old son, Zach is the 'winner picker'.  But trust me, he has good taste.  Just like his momma.  <smile>

Just remember, you may also enter the card in the  Sassy Cheryl's Challenge blog,  and follow the "Ribbons & Bows" theme, you may enter your cards there as well.  You can win a $5 gift certificate in that challenge.
Can't wait to see what you do.  I think these images are going to be SUPER fun to color!  Or at least I hope so!

Oh. . .and don't forget about the Guessing Game.  Another chance to win a FREE image.


  1. Artificial Flower Girl is a hoot! Love her!

  2. Ohhhhhhhh, GOTTA HAVE Artificial Flower Girl. She is so cute, put a catch in my chest!!!!!

  3. Too funny- I know actually..... Brendan always picks the most expensive on the menu when we are buying!!! But let me tell you....since he has lived on his own we noticed a little more caution when ordering. When we were down in PuntaCana...He chose the medium price item!! We said what about.... he said oh that is too expensive. I am ok with.....

  4. Congrats to Cindy and Donna! Yep, gotta have Artificial Flower Girl. Very cute.

  5. Zack got a good taste, well done ladies your cards are stuning.

  6. Love the flower girl image! I just entered my card..

  7. Just so you know, I didn't enter this challenge. I entered the SMT challenge, it's just showing up there. Love Blogger.

  8. Hey my Show Me Post showed up here too. What's going on with Blogger?

  9. Same for me, Linda. Cheryl, please disregard #10 as my "Color Me" challenge post is actually #11. This was a fun one to color!


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