Show Me #17

So, have you started your spring cleaning yet?  I haven't, but I have to tell you, I'm certainly getting the itch.  Are you?  I love that fresh air smell coming through the house with a blend of Pine-sol and Murphy's Oil.  I know.  I know, It's crazy!  But I just love the smell of CLEAN!  And I do everything when I spring clean. . . from the computer to the carpets, to the garage.  Nothing like starting out fresh for spring.  Yep, I just LOVE IT!
So, what are you doing this week?  Are you cleaning or crafting?  Well, I'm drawing.  Is that any surprise.  Before I show you what I'm working on for next week, let's see who won the random drawing for last weeks show me post.
That lucky person is #6.  Shirley that's you. . . AGAIN!  And with the same lucky number.  How weird is that.  Now everyone will be jumping to get that number this week.  Hee hee.
Just drop me an email, and I'll get that FREE image right out to you.

NOW. . . 
Here's a little something that I'm working on.  As always, it's still in the early stages.
Now that I've shown you mine, you need to show me what you're working on.  I'd love to see it, and so would all of these fun, snoopy ladies.  And believe you, me, they are nosey.  
Just post your photo or blog using Mr. Linky.  You'll have until 5 PM, Wednesday, March 30th. to enter for a chance for the FREE image.  
And don't forget to play in for the Guessing Game.  Another one starts tomorrow.  Will WANNA BE  BUNNY be on top again?  


  1. The need to clean gene I did not inherit. Quite the opposite, I hate any domestic chore. But I love visiting your blog each Thursday to see what you are creating and this one is a winner for sure!

  2. Whoop Whoop way to go Shirley!!! Enjoy your new image sweety! :)
    Cheryl I would love to clean but I have to rely on my little helpers sadly for now. But I'm so with you on that smell of clean and having all of those doors and windows thrown wide open! love it!!xx

  3. Hi Cheryl
    linking this up for Sarah, spring cleanin is a swear word in this house, brings me out in a rash! lol, sue,x

  4. Uh that new one looks fab looking forward to the finished one

  5. Oh Cheryl, she is too flippin' cute!! I gotta get her as soon as she hits the store. I feel the need to color her. Lol ~jeni :)

  6. super cute image you're working on, Cheryl! I especially love that little bug balancing on the stone.. so sweet :)
    {hugs} Sylvia

  7. Fabulous love the little ladybug in the back!!

  8. It has been some time since I have been creating. I have been working on a book for a elderly man and thought I would post so you know what I have been up to...Always love to stop by to see what you have been up too. The art within you is great Cheryl...miss you,Tootsie


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