Featured Sassy Friend #11. . .Marlene Shaw

It's Featured Sassy Friend day and I'm sure you're going to recognize this snarky lady.  I've been a follower of hers for quite a while with her over the top posts.  She certainly says what's on her mind. . . . .!!!  Very rare.
Please welcome Marlene Shaw.
Marlene is one talented lady.  She not only creates incredibly adorable cards, but has a rare talent of having an incredible story to go along with EVERY card she creates.  There is whit in every card and post that she blogs.
Back in November, I created a digi stamp, Bah Humbug that was seriously inspired by Marlene herself. Sarcasm and whit were the true inspiration, which Marlene certainly possesses, for the drawing. And here is Marlene's card.  Isn't it fantastic.

Now. . . 
Let's the Marlene be 'herself' and tell you more.  Pay attention, there will be a quiz.  ☺

Snarky Marlene says'
"You may know me as 'Marlooney' a.k.a. "Disguised as a Grown-up.' Just as my moniker implies, I may be just a wee bit nutty and even though I have the framework on an *ahem* 47 *cough* year *sputter* old, I have n inner child of about 6 years of age.  (No disrespect meant to 6 year olds around the world.)
I am a Canadian transplant, firmly rooted on U.S. soil, having become a citizen a couple of years ago.  I'm a late bloomer, as I just started scrapbooking a little over five years ago, and that led to card-making a little over a year ago.
I was tickled pink when Cheryl invited me to be one of her Featured Sassy Friends!  Her images were among the first I purchased, so they have a special place in my heart.  Her sassy little girls are so ME!
I chose this sassy image, Trouble at School, not because I was a holt terror as a child (in fact, I was good as gold, if you must know). . .but because if I was to return to school TODAY, I'd be spending more time in the principal's office than in the classroom, for sure.  Heehee!"

So now, you can hop on over to Marlene's blog, Disguised as a Grown-up, and get your good laugh for the day, but before you pop over there, put down your coffee, or you will be spewing it all over your computer screen.  And don't forget to leave her a snarky comment.  I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Be sure to pop in next week for another fantastic Featured Sassy Friend.  It's going to be another good one.  


  1. This post def' needs re-naming this week!!! "Awesome Snarky Sassy friend"...great to see me ol' pal Mozzer as yer featured Dudette this week...truly someone to make you laugh!! Read her wee bloglet at yer peril...serious ROFL alert!!!

  2. Marlene is a great choice for a "sassy friend". Her blog is the first one I read every morning and if she doesn't post, my day is just not the same. Congrats Marlene!

  3. Thanks for the link to Marlene blog. Love her sense of humor.

  4. Congrats Marlene! Love the cards.

  5. Marlene!!! Good as gold...really? Lol
    So glad Cheryl chose you to be a Sassy friend. Love your blog and your cards. You definately keep us laughing. ~jeni <3

  6. Great choice.. Marlene is a hoot and a half and a quarter!! She is extremely talented.. her cards are just out of this world Seriously.. talent to the max!

  7. congratulations on being featured, Marlene! two gorgeous cards, I love the sentiments!
    hugs, Alina

  8. This wonderfully snarkly sweetie really needs no intro! LOL!! She is very talented and always brightens my day! Congratulations on the feature!!
    Jodi =)

  9. I don't believe good as gold either! Is there someplace we could varify that!!!! :):)
    Hi Marlene... so happy to see you as this weeks Featured Sassy Friend.. I do see a lot of Cheryl's Sassy girls that match your many moods~ as you say~ tee hee! all fun for sure!

  10. Thank you so much for featuring me as a sassy friend!! I was honored!!!

    I'm not even being snarky! HA!

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments ladies. You DA best!


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