Show Me #4

It's Show Me #4 at the Sassy Cheryl's Designs blog and we are having so much fun being nosey! You may submit your photo any time before Wednesday, December 8th @ 8 PM EST.   
Now, let's get to the winner of last weeks Show Me post.  That person is lucky #3.
Joan. . . that's YOU! 

Congratulations!  Just drop me an email and I'll get your FREE image out to you right away.

Just as last week, I'm going to show you something that I am working on for next weeks Tuesday releases, and then you give me a sneak peek into your workspace and show me what you are working on.  Remember, it doesn't have to be a Sassy Cheryl's image that you're working on.  It can be anything!  We just want to snoop.  That's all.  Do you mind?

All you have to do is post your photo(s) to your blog or online gallery at PCP, SNR, SCS, Flickr, Photobucket, etc. and then link that post or photo back here using Mr. Linky.
It's as simple as that.  So come on, show me what you're working on.  It only takes a minute.
Pictures and links will be accepted until Wednesday, December 8th @ 8 PM EST.
The winner will be chosen by True Random Generator and will be announced the next Thursday with the new Show Me post.
The winner will receive a FREE IMAGE from the Sassy Cheryl's Shop.
So start snapping those photos.  I'm sure you had LOTS of time to straighten up over the Thanksgiving holiday!  

And don't forget to join us in the Color Me Challenge.  There are two fun images to choose from this week.
I'd also love to have you participate in the Sassy Cheryl's Blog Challenge.  This week, the theme is Thinking of Love.  And we are having our first BLOG HOP!  How fun is that.   It's also going to be tons of fun! 
So come and play in all 3 if you'd like.  I'll see you there. . . .AND here.
If you have any questions, just drop me an email.


  1. Love the image you are working on Cheryl! Totally has Christmas spirit.
    Don't laugh at my desk Mrs. Neatnik, you are probably going to want to drive all the way over here and straighten it up. HeeHeeHee ~jeni :)

  2. Jeni, not to worry, she's just going to have to accept the fact that we're not all as neat as her. She may decide she can't handle all these messes.

  3. Oh, I can handle the mess. Believe me, I have a 16 year old that DOESN'T take after his mom and dad! :) I just LOVE seeing your spaces b/c I love ALL that stuff you guys have!!!!

  4. Well..Cheryl, I love the latest image you are working on. Hurry up and get it done already!
    Glad to see Jeni...that your room looked much like mine before the clean up started.
    Thanks for stopping by my happy space!

  5. Ya'll have not checked out my messy room....LOL it is more than Cheryl could handle. Please delete # 5 since #7 is the right one.

  6. Thanks Cheryl, I re-posted to show me.

  7. Cheryl, is that a free image above?

  8. Cheryl love that little boy/girl toting the teddy by hand. It would have made a good love image.

    My, my ladies do your Mommas know how you are bragging about not cleaning up your rooms? Betty and Cheryl you two must be trying to make up for all those naughty things you have done all year. You think you can fool Santa by posting a couple of clean room pictures? Well I don't think so. It has NEVER worked for me yet! Santa has caught EVERY SINGLE THING I HAVE DONE and his list for me is very long. :(

  9. Icela,
    That image is a preview for next weeks releases.

  10. Oh wow! what an adorable little sweetie Cheryl! Another must have for sure...
    Just a quick Hi... as you can see by my messy table... I have work to do:)

  11. Fabulous drawing as always. I can't wait to pick it up!! I can't wait to see your Valentine's stuff.. :)


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