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Happy Black Friday y'all.  Hope you find some amazing deals today.  Except for maybe having breakfast out with hubby, I will be keeping my southern hiney right here!  I love a good deal, but unless it's almost FREE, I don't have that great a need for it.  But y'all have fun!!!!!  I'm sure some of you reading will be, or have already been out.  More power to ya. ☺ 
I spent last weekend rearranging my studio.  As most of you know, I don't like clutter or being disorganized and I like to change things around to keep it interesting. So, that's what I did, because I felt like I needed more room!  I made a trip to Best Buy and purchased a USB extension and a new Port Hub and moved all of my printers and scanners into the closet.  It makes a HUGE difference, at least for me.  Now I can just shut the door in the evening so I don't have to look at them every time I walk into my studio.

With the printers & scanners now in the closet, out of the way, I have an entire desktop free of electronics to perhaps work on a project. . . .like making my own Christmas cards this year.  Now, there's a thought! A scary one.   
I moved my desk up against the wall and also moved the tv to the other side.  Now I don't have to strain my neck to watch a movie or tv while working.  And with the oversized chair that I stole from hubbies office, now I can curl up with a cup of coffee and my laptop in the morning and check my emails without having to sit at my desk.  Actually it's my chair, so it isn't actually stealing & although it's old & not so attractive anymore, it is VERY comfortable.  

NOW. . .onto something different.
Some have been asking about other merchandise that I have had in the past, since seeing my stuff at their local Hobby Lobby and also as prizes on the Sassy Cheryl's Challenge Blog.  Most of the stuff that I was given as samples is LONG gone.  Given as gifts or sold in local craft fairs.  But, I did save a few things to display at Christmas.  I will have more to show you in the coming weeks from old photos that I took at an open house, but this will have to do for now.
Remember this little cutie.  This is my Small Talk Image that is available on my site. And shown just below are two examples of what a couple of different companies did with the image.  The first is a felt snowman. I think it's kind of like one of those draft catchers that you put at the bottom of your door to keep out the cold. I kept two of these, only because hubby liked them so well.  The last picture is a resin figure that Blossom Bucket did back in 2008-09.  I never received samples, not sure why, but my neighbor found it in N.C. on a trip and purchased it for me.  Isn't she the best.
Small Talk Felt figure
Close-up of Small talk Felt Figure
 Small Talk Resin-Offered by Blossom Bucket (2008-2009)

I'll have more photos for you later.  Have a great day, don't spend too much $$, be nice to all those impatient, ugly shoppers and stay safe!  See you on Monday for another Featured Sassy Friend!  Until then.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I always laugh when I hear my American friends talk about Black Friday after Thanksgiving!!! Found out last year what it was all about! Like you I rarely bother with sales......we have too many of them these days!

    Oh how I would love your studio Cheryl!!!!! So fresh and bright....lucky girl. Cute draft it!

  2. Cheryl, I love the office set up especially that comfy chair in the corner. Great place to curl up with a book and read and watch TV. I think I see an ironing board in your craft room also, but I fear it's for real ironing.LOL All your snowmen are wonderful and I actually think I may have seen some in years past. No fear, no BF for me been there, done that!

  3. Way too tidy...go on...knock something on the floor...dare yer!!!xxx

  4. Love your set up and that oversized comfy chair!!! All your merchandise is so cute Cheryl. It's fun to see thsm in 3D ~jeni :)

  5. Your studio is gorgeous. There is nothing at all out of place...the only thing you have to do in there is create masterful images, which you do. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am soo jealous of your fabulous studio Cheryl, not least cos it is very tidy & you have space! No wonder you create such fabulous images with surroundings like this :)

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Wow - your room is not only neat - but practically sterile! You could operate in there! LOL!!! Really, such a nice tidy space!

    That door warmer thingamajig modeled after your illustration is so darned cute!

    Pssst....did you see my dragon card today? (I had a laugh to myself when I was coloring it because I almost called you "the Dragon lady" once over on PCP because you reminded me of someone I actually bestowed that nickname upon!) It's all good! Believe me!! (I loved the Dragon lady!) Heehee!

  8. LOL, you wouldn't believe where I do my crafting. Damp cold basement but its all mine and I am happiest when I am sitting at my workbench.

    I'm off to Hobby Lobby on Tuesday and I'm counting on finding something of yours there for me to take home. Just love what you create.

  9. Wow, I wish my stamping room was this clean and tidy!! No shopping here either, Cheryl!

  10. Well I made it through Black Friday....Oh if I could get my printers in my closet. I think I just have too much stuff!! But I am going to give it a try.... SOMETIME Your studio is wonderful

  11. Ok first off, Marlene made me spit tea out my nose....omgosh Sterile! too funny!
    Second, now I know who she was referring to on my blog when she asked if I was related to Dragon Lady? lol We are both a bit neat and tidy I guess.
    I love the chair...keep the chair...I want the chair! lol
    Great to see your space.
    Question: Do you paper craft often?

  12. Your studio looks amazing. Love it. Love the chair and amazing "samples"... wow you are amazingly creative. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  13. Just beautiful!! What a very neat work area! I just love those cute snowman dolls!! Wish we could buy them!
    Jodi =)

  14. Fabulous space.. I like how tidy it is.. :)


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