It's all about the Bears!

Well, with the 'push' from one of my DT members as well as emails from customers, I have finally gotten around to getting some bears drawn for all of you.  I've had them on the 'burner' for a while now, but just couldn't seem to get them completed.
So, per your requests here are two of them.  There are a couple of Halloween bears coming as well and I'm hoping that you will enjoy them.


  1. Ohh, these are too cute! The top one is my favorite. These are going on my wish list.

  2. Cheryl, they are sooooo stunkin' adorable! Cant wait to see the Halloween ones. (Did you hear my girly squeal?) ~jeni :)

  3. Thanks ladies. . .and yes Jeni....keep in down! I think there is a baby sleeping somewhere. hee hee!


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