Couldn't Decide

Ever have one of those moments where you just couldn't decide on something?  Well, that has been my case the last couple of days with this new image.  I drew it as you see in the first image and then added the gift just because it looked like it was missing something, but I couldn't decide which one that I liked the best, so I decided that I would keep them both and offer them individually.  I hope you like them.
I will be adding them this evening.


  1. Hey...Kinda looks like that elf pushed Santa!!!!
    (He's gonna be on the naughty list.)
    Bahahaha! Too cute. I like them both.

  2. Hey Jen, that's funny! I never saw it that way, but it does kind of appear that way.

  3. I like them both, the one without looks as if he is laughing at Santa struggling down the chimney. The second one looks like he is just waiting for Santa to get down the chimney, knowing full well he would make down a lot easier. lol. Hope these will be out for Chirstmas? Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love them both, Cheryl!

  5. Oh Cheryl, this little elf definitely has mischief written all over his face. I have a feeling Santa will have a "sit down" with him when they get back to the North Pole. Wouldn't want to be in his pointed little shoes. :)


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