New License for Workshops & Classes

In the last couple of months, I have received MANY, MANY emails about allowing for the use of the digi stamps in workshops & classes such as scrabooking, Copic marker classes, etc.  In fact in the last two weeks, I have received about forty-five (45) emails regarding this particular issue.  I thank you for loving the Sassy Cheryl's images so much that you want to use them in your classes and workshops.  Seriously, that really means A LOT!  
The reasoning behind responding with a 'no' answer was because the images are not allowed to be shared or given away and by allowing this use, it would be violating my terms.  However, with so many of you teaching classes/workshops, a great amount of you are wanting to use them in this manner, so I have put in to affect a new Commercial Usage License for this specific purpose.  It is a ONE TIME fee of $50 which will register you or your company and give you permission to use the Sassy Cheryl's digi stamp images in your classes and workshops.  This is for workshop & class purposes ONLY, and initially gives you, within reason, permission to 'give' copies of the Sassy Cheryl's digi stamp images to your class/workshop participants.  This does not give you permission to sell the images to your class/workshop, but to include them as part of your package.  Know what I mean?

I hope that this will help some of you that were wanting to use the images in this manner and also clear up questions about how any of the images at Sassy Cheryl's may or may not be used.


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