Bubble Gum Disaster.........

By request, I have drawn the 'aftermath' of the free image at PCP.  This one is available at Sassy Cheryl's.
Bubble gum Disaster.
I've burst her bubble!!!!
Hope you like her.


  1. Ahh poor thing......I've just finished colouring the 'Before' image.....Not sure I'm up to this one!!!!

  2. Ooops!!! I feel bad for her!LOL I have really enjoyed the "before" picture...I think I'll get this one for the inside of the card! Thanks!

  3. FANTASTIC image - and yes, I think she would look great on the INSIDE of the card, with her "before" pic on the outside! HA HA HA! OR you could reverse the images (popped bubble on the outside with intact bubble on the inside) and say "If at first you don't succeed..." :)

  4. lol love it can you image the 1st on the front and this inside

  5. Ooooooooooh Cheryl I love her!!
    I have just colored the other one for a project of our club!
    You will see her later ...


  6. Too cute!! It amazes me that you come up with all these cute new thing all the time...

  7. Oh this is too cute! Love it!

  8. This image is so funny!! I would like to get it - but I couldn't find it at PCP...
    You do a great job with your images ;)

  9. Thanks ladies. Everyone was asking for the 'after' so I had to do it. : )

    Randi: The image is for sale in the Sassy Cheryl's shop. The original image where she is blowing the bubble was the 400 PCP member freebie. Hope that helps.

  10. Thank you for the answer - I found out on my own ;) Now I've got the freebie, and I think I'll have to get one of this too! ;)


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