Snow and previews. . .

Well I awoke to more snow falling.  When will it ever end?
I know it's winter, but usually in Richmond we don't get much snow, so it's a big surprise when you have three snow storms within a month and a half.  Knock on wood, at least we still have heat and power.
I've been catching up with old friends today on Facebook, putting some sketches together and receiving some wonderful project images in my trusty inbox.  
This is just one of the many that I have received in the past few days and I just knew I had to share this one with you when I opened it.  This lovely basket and card was created by Tracy over at
Stamping All Seasons
She created it using the Butterfly Bunny Stamp.
Isn't it the most gorgeous basket!?  I absolutely LOVE it.  I wish I could see it in person, because as lovely as the pictures are, I'm sure it doesn't do the actual project justice.
Make sure to check out her blog for some other fantastic cards as well.


  1. Love it!! The basket & image are super-cute. So happy that I found your digital stamps...they are amazing. :-)

  2. Thanks Deb. Didn't she do a fantastic job!

  3. Wish I could send it to you Cheryl, but think it would get squashed. Glad you like it though.


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