Please tell me you remember. . .

I grew up with the Statler Brothers. I was best friends with one of their daughters, and it's funny, yet surreal to think that I grew up with, what I
think is one of the most amazing, honest, and funny group of singers that ever existed, I didn't think of them as 'stars' I thought of them as
normal people that shopped at the local JcPenney, and who ate at the local Wright's Dairy food stop and who were members of my church. 
There will never be another singing quartet like them!!


  1. WOW you honestly didn't think of them as 'stars'? I use to watch that show, He Haw,Donny & Marie, Partridge Family...Oh I could go on and on..Loved the Statler Brothers
    You were so lucky to have known such great people & singers.



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