This is my idea of a perfect Labor Day! (from Mary Engelbreit's image It's Good to Be Queen)
It's quiet here in the Alger household this morning. Our son is still asleep, and hubby is out of town, so I'm enjoying a nice cup of coffee on the back porch in peace, except for the occasional bird or dog bark.
I got up for church this morning and realized that there was only one service today at 11. I normally help every Sunday at the preschool desk during the 9:15 service, but since there is only the late service today, I decided to stay at home and just watch it on TV. I do have that luxury.

The kids will be back at school on Tuesday, and with tomorrow being a holiday, I think that I will just spend the day relaxing and enjoying the rest of the holiday weekend. I don't actually think that it will turn out like ME's image, but it is something to shoot for, I guess.
Have a great Sunday!


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