Show Me #96

Well, I certainly hope that you are having a fabulous week!  I spent last weekend with my family and had such a great time.  Many of them had colds and 'knock on wood', I'm hoping that I don't get that as I still haven't completely gotten rid of what I've had.
By the looks of the entries last week, you all have been busy, busy, busy. . . .having fun creating fabulous fall projects and getting ready for the upcoming Christmas holiday as well.  I loved ALL the posts and photos.  They were wonderful!  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to play along.  I look forward to it each week!

So . .. .who was the lucky winner of the FREE digi from the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop last week?  That was the one and only.. . .
Did you all see her wonderful photos of these cuties that her husband took!  They were ALL adorable! But this one was probably one of my favorites!  Tracy.  Congratulations. . . and tell your hubby that he is one awesome photographer!  I'll get your FREE image credited to your account this morning. Thanks for playing along!

This is a very different post for me as I'm going to share two sets of photos with you.  The first is a sneak peek of a brand new stamp that I did for Kraftin' Kimmie.  I love this little guy!  I colored him up, not long after I drew him for Kimmie, but I had to 'sit' on him, because she wasn't releasing them until this weekend.  And of course, I have more of these sweeties up my sleeve too, but you'll just have to wait each month to see them.  So . . .whatcha think?  You can check them all out HERE!

And then there is one other set of photos I wanted to share with you.  As many of you may have noticed, I've been a little lazy lately about posting, coloring and making comments on your blogs.  Well here is the reason why.  I've MOVED!
My husband and I recently separated.  Actually, I moved a month ago yesterday.  Now, before you start commenting and saying your sorry, etc., not that I don't appreciate that, I am doing fine and am very happy!  Without going into detail, believe me, it is for the best and I'm looking forward to a new adventure.  And I have a feeling, it's going to be a fun one.  Yes, I have my good and bad days, like anyone would, but it's mainly from stupid stuff that really isn't important that I let get to me, which then puts me in a 'funk'.  Been there, done that, even before all of this happened, so I tell myself to just get OVER it and keep moving.
Now. . . .with all that said, I wanted to share with you a few photos of my apartment, the first day that I moved in.  Trust me. . .it didn't stay looking like this for long and since I'm not a 'stuff' person, it is very bare in all of the rooms, except for my office. . . and that's the way I like it.
Now, w/o going into detail about each photo, I will just say this.  The first photo is the apartment empty.  This is the door to my office.  It is actually a HUGE two BR apartment, but this is the only photo that I had where it was empty.  The rest are self explanatory, except for the one with Bella on the bed.  She was EXHAUSTED by the end of the first day. . .but we kept pushing forward.  And now we are all settled in, with most everything the way I want it.  Still need a couple of more things to make it feel like home, but I'm not a 'must have it now' person, so when I find those items, they will be added.
I'll share more photos over the next couple of weeks, of what it looks like now, as well as pictures of some of the fabulous furniture that I purchased. . . .

Well, I don't know about you. . .but I'm tired from typing all of that.  So let's see what you're working on.
You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, October, 24th to link up your photo or blog to be entered in the random, FREE image giveaway.  As you can see, by my post, it doesn't have to be crafty. . .it can be ANYTHING!  So get busy!
Happy hunting!


  1. CONGRATS Tracy. Got your account all credited, so you're good to go on the shopping.

    Can't wait to see what you all are going to share this week!

  2. Congrats to Tracy! Enjoy shopping!

    Wow, Cheryl love your new space. Can't wait to see more pics of you new home. Have a happy new adventure.


  3. Love The Wood Floors In Your New Space Cheryl... Can't Wait To See More Pics As Well... I Love Decorating New Places... I Enjoy Unpacking Not The Packing Lol... May God Bless You In Your New Journey ... :-)
    Congrats To You Tracy .. Beautiful Photo Of Your Little Angel:

  4. Yay I won, I won!! Ty Cheryl for the chance to win and then choosing me randomly.. Woot!! Thanks for the kind words about the pics. I told hubby... it is always good for his ego to hear good things about his I can't wait to go shopping for my new image. Your apartment looks HUGE... I love the wood floors, very nice.

  5. Well girlie, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Well this may not be the way you pictured your life, but you are now in for a brand new chapter. Make the best of it honey and enjoy the new ride. Those wood floors are to die for. Can't wait to see pictures of your new digs. Mahoosive hug from me to you!

  6. Life is full of doors closing and windows opening, I just want to wish you well for this part of your journey, hope you and Bella settle quickly in to your lovely new home. Donna

  7. I love your new place Cheryl. Those floors are on my "wish" list :-D Wishing you the best on your new journey!

  8. Hello!

    What a great space - I look forward to seeing it all complete! I am hoping that both you and Bella have been able to recover from the move - it is such a huge drain mentally and physically. I keep you in my prayers my friend - always - and wish you so much happiness in your new life. You bring so much to others with your beautiful creations - I know that you have to me! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  9. Congrats Tracy!

    Best of luck with the new adventure, Cheryl!


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