Show Me #54

Only 17 more days until Christmas.  My, oh my, where did 2011 go?  Sorry the post is a little late.  We were out of town and I wasn't able to finish the post and the random winner until I got home this morning.
Thanks to everyone who played along last week.  I had some serious fun being nosey.  All the wonderful peeks, posts and photos.  They were great! Hope to see you again this week.
TRG chose #2 ask the lucky winner of the FREE image this week.  My sassy Shirley. . . .That's you!  I'll get the image credited to your account this morning.  No need for you to send me your email.  I know you only too well.  LOL!
Well, here's a little something that I've been working on.  I started him a couple of weeks ago.  You all know, I LOVE me some snowmen, but I have been SO busy since Thanksgiving that I haven't had much time to do any drawing.  I miss it!
He's still in the sketching phase, as I haven't quite gotten him the way I want him/her.  Pants?  No pants?  Jacket?  No jacket?  I just keep going back and forth.  Oh the joys of being an artist.  But, Oh how I love it!!!!!!!!!  Creating images for you to use gives me such pleasure.
So what are you doing this week?  Decorating?  Creating cards for Christmas or a special occasion?  Perhaps you're baking with the holidays coming up!  It doesn't matter. . . .we want to see.  It doesn't matter what it is.  We love being nosey, so come and play along.  It's for a FREE image, you know.
You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, December 14th to link your post or photo to be eligible for the random drawing.  It only takes a minute. . .and we'd LOVE to see.
See you there!


  1. Congratulations to Shirley! It's so fun to win a free image!

    I love love LOVE the sassy snowman, Cheryl! Can't wait til he's available!

  2. Oh my gosh, hurry Cheryl!!!!!!!! I WANT THIS!!!!!!

  3. Man, where have I been that I hadn't checked out the winner. WOOHOOO! I am stoked. Can't wait to see the finished snowman.

  4. Sweetie, hurrrrrrry and get that lil guy done!!!! I seriously have been checking the store at least 3 times a day!! lol


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