Show me #47

Well, October is almost over.  Can you believe it?!  Where in the world did the time go?  I know I keep saying this, but Lord have mercy, it just seems to go by quicker as I get older!  Oh well, I guess that's just part of life!
I hope that you all are having a great week.  The temps have been nice here, but the leaves aren't changing much.  I wish they would. . . .except for the raking.  It's such a gorgeous site!
Did you all have fun last week posting and submitting a name for the newest little Sassy girl?  I know I did.  Thanks to everyone who played along in one or both of the challenges.
Remember, there are two winners for a FREE image this week. So, let's get started!

The winner in the random give away for the Show Me #46 fun is. . .  lucky #10. 
 Ann. . ..that's you girl.  I'll get that $3 credit to your account this morning.  Thanks for playing along!  Is your studio still that tidy?  hee hee.

And NOW for the winner of the NAME GAME. . . . .
THANK YOU to everyone who played along.  I can't tell you how much fun it was. I was overwhelmed by your sweet comments about the new little girl and loved the fun and creative name choices.  Zach had a very difficult time choosing a name.  So he narrowed it down to two and then I had the design team vote on the winner.  
So I'd officially like to introduce you to Polly!  Pretty Polly!
Doesn't the name just suit here perfectly.

There were several people who suggested Polly, but the 1st person was Theresa.  Congratulations, Theresa.  You picked just the right Southern name for her!  Thanks for playing along.  Just drop me an email to make sure that I have the correct email address and I'll get the $3 credit to your account for the FREE image.
The image is now officially available in the store.  Hope you'll love her as much as Sally.

Here is a little something that I began working on, on Tuesday.  She's almost done and you may just see her in the store later today. . . . if you're good.  hee hee
I figured that since she was going to have a name, I might as well start working on some more drawings of her.  This one was by request.  Whatcha think?
So, what are you working on this week?  I know it's something fun! But even if you don't think it is. . . .we want to be nosey, so come an play along.  You'll have until 5 PM EST, Wednesday, October 26th, to enter your blog or photo to be entered in the drawing for a FREE image from the Sassy Cheryl's Digis shop.  
Can't wait to see. . . . .!


  1. Well done Ann and Theresa! And yay I love Polly too!! Hehehe!
    I'm smiling here because I didn't get to craft at all yesterday when I desperately wanted to. So my Show Me Thursday is a special one. :0)
    Oh and click the link - it's got an extra something thrown in for you all. (Wink wink.)

  2. Polly is a perfect name for her! Polly and Sassy Sally are going to have so much fun together! Better draw them a Mom to keep the little darlins out of trouble! Ha Ha

    Congratulations Ann, I really enjoyed my snoop into your fabulous workspace.

  3. Oh, boy!!! Thank you for the GC-I've got a list, you know! And no, not quite as picked up---because I USE it. When I craft, I just get messy-I was born that way :)


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